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I just got up...joy.
Went to Cleveland last night with Nancy, Daniel, and Anthony.
Opening bands were okay.

NIИ~...excellent is the best word I can think of...it was indescribable...Trent is amazing.
Definitely worth going.

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ultraViOLENCE05: jewett's gonna be apond if it rains anymore
BldyWrst666: for real scio will be too
ultraViOLENCE05: HELL YEAH. i'm makin a canoe out of out pizza boxes.
BldyWrst666: i have a CANOE"
BldyWrst666: omg i should canoe down to your house tommorrow
ultraViOLENCE05: rofl
ultraViOLENCE05: that would rock yo.
BldyWrst666: i should though
ultraViOLENCE05: YOU SHOULD. and then i'll buy some scuba gear off of the weird man down the street and we can go driving for cows.
BldyWrst666: ROFL
BldyWrst666: yes yes yes yes we should hahah
ultraViOLENCE05: haha, i feel sorry for them poor cows..thier not smart enought to move so they just stand there.. .. in like 3 feet of water.

Me and Julie are going to get my canoe and go diving for cows lol it will be fun.
Would any one like to join we will come get you for a charge of $2.
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